Academic Research

Here's a non-exhaustive list of physics topics that I'm interested in. For my publications and talks, please use the menu on the right.

  • The phase structure of QCD
    I'm interested in QCD phenomenology, theoretical approaches to low-energy QCD and especially non-perturbative methods.
  • The relation of confinement and chiral symmetry restoration
    Up to now it is not fully understood, whether there is a deeper interconnection between chiral restoration and deconfinement. Insights into this question can be gained, e.g. by studying QCD-like theories with matter in different color representations.
  • Ultracold quantum gases
    In ultracold quantum gases, the presence of a Feshbach resonance enables experimentalists to tune the system parameters almost at will. In this manner, very different parameter regimes can realized in experiment. From a theoretical point of view, this allows us, for example, to benchmark non-perturbative methods. The presence of Bose-Einstein condensation as well as BCS superfluidity and their interplay throughout the BCS-BEC crossover makes ultracold quantum gases interesting systems to study in their own right. Currently, I'm interested in the phase structure of such system, also in the presence of, e.g., a spin-imbalance.
  • Renormalization group methods
    The functional renormalization group is a versatile, non-perturbative method that is applicable to a wide variety of fields. Apart from the application to the QCD phase structure it can, e.g., be used to study ultracold quantum gases.